The Cellar

cantinaThe cellar of Nicola and Fabrizia Polchi is in the Azienda at Monte Valentino.  One gains access to it by some steps which lead from the Laboratory where the nectar for the Solluchere and the Solluchere Riserva is produced. The oak barrels in which the Riserva matures for a few months are in the Laboratory, next to the press and other equipment needed for the production.

The cellar below is used for the bottling stage.

The ultimate goal for those who discover Monte Valentino – which contains all the various apartments of the eponymous agriturismo, a swimming pool with a panoramic view, fields of fruit, cherry orchards, tracks and footpaths. It is possible to visit both the cellar and the Laboratory in the company of Nicola and Fabrizia who will introduce you to the taste of the Sollucchero which is as marvellous today as it was in days gone by.

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