Sollucchero by Monte Valentino


Produced by Soc. Agricola Monte Valentino di Nicola Polchi e Fabrizia Gargano s.s.

Sollucchero is a blend of sangiovese, and canaiolo grapes and marasca and visciole cherries. The ‘visciole’, a variety of sour cherries, are organic and are picked by hand in July. They are steeped in wine and syrup in metal barrels, according to the old family recipe. They are then pressed and filtered. The resulting liquid is  bottled for the ageing process. The liquor with its low alcohol content is ideal for drinking with biscuits such as tozzetti and cantucci, tarts containing red fruit jam, desserts containing fruits of the forest [panna cotta, pancakes], plain chocolate and, with the Sollucchero Riserva, cheese with herbs of fruit compote.

The name conveys the meaning of its producers: the word ‘Sollucchero” means feeling of great satisfaction and strong pleasure for something which flatters one’s vanity and matches one’s aspirations and ambitions.

15% proof

Serve at 12-14 degrees